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    Hospital Equipment: Supply, Repair and Maintenance

    hospital equipmentFor over 15 years, Bioclin™ Solutions has positioned itself as one of the foremost hospital equipment and furniture suppliers in South Africa. With an extensive product offering from hospital furniture, to surgical instruments, hospital equipment, diagnostic sets, ECG machines, and emergency health services instruments including stretchers, immobilisation and extrication devices, Bioclin™ Solutions offers full turnkey service solutions in hospital and medical equipment. Our crew of qualified clinical engineers and repair technicians are on board to provide service and maintenance on all hospital and surgical instrumentation, whether supplied by Bioclin™ Solutions or an alternate provider.

    Our supply chain falls primarily within Gauteng and KZN, with offshoots throughout Southern Africa; Bioclin™ Solutions is expanding daily, with sights on Southern Africa as a whole, including our neighbouring countries. Additionally, Bioclin™ Solutions is recognised as one of the largest distributors for “Welch Allyn” in South Africa, as well as being accredited as an authorized "3M" & "SONY" distributor.

    As suppliers of hospital equipment and instrumentation to both the private and public healthcare sectors, Bioclin™ Solutions maintains a sole agency agreement for:

    • “A-Care” range of Hospital Beds and accessories from China
    • "Biocare Electronics" ECG and Ultrasound Units from China
    • "Bistos" range of CTGs and Dopplers from Korea
    • "EKS" range of scales from France
    • "G-Care" Vital Signs Monitors from the UK

    • “Beijing J Technologies” of Incubators & Infant warmers from China
    • "Range of quality surgical instruments and LED technology Layngoscopes from Pakistan."
    • We have also had OEM manufacturing done with our own brands under the "Biocare" brand for Stethoscopes and BPs, "Playfair" brand for Suction units, and "Mortec" brands for Oxygen Flow Meters and Regulators respectively.

    Additional product lines available:

    • "Spirit" range of Premium BP Units
    • "Choice- Med" range of Pulse Oximeters
    • "Elmed / Nesby / Durable" range of Surgical Instruments
    • "BMS / EKF" range of HB Meters
    • "MIR" range of Spirometer
    • "Topster" range of Resuscitation Kits and Disposable Vaginal Speculum
    • "Nampak" range of Washroom Solutions

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